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Posted on 07-26-2017

Importance of an Annual Pet Wellness Exams in Watertown, CT

If your pet is happy and healthy, why spend the time and money going through annual pet wellness exams? After all, if your dog or cat is sick, you'll know enough to bring it into our office, right? At Watertown Animal Hospital, PC we see sick pets every week that could have been successfully treated earlier if their owners had taken the time for an annual checkup. It's not just about vaccinations, although they're an important part of an annual exam. It's all about preventative medicine that can actually save your pet's life.

Puppy and kitten playing in a field in Watertown, CT.

Why See Our Watertown Veterinarian Each Year?

Pets are very good at hiding symptoms when they're ill. Your dog or cat can have a serious or deadly illness, and you might not have the slightest clue. You can save your pet pain and suffering (not to mention possible savings to your wallet) when our veterinarian diagnoses a problem in the earliest stages. The sooner we find any symptoms, the easier it is to treat your pet, and the more likely it is for the treatment to be successful.

Diagnosing disease is an important part of a pet wellness exam, but that's just one of the reasons. Preventative medicine is even more important because it stops sickness and disease before it even starts to damage your pet's health. One of the simplest, and most effective, ways to prevent disease is through vaccination. We'll update your pet's vaccines during every wellness exam, both for core and non-core vaccinations.

Another type of preventative medicines our vets offer is for parasites. These can run from the mild and annoying, such as fleas, to the life-threatening heartworm parasite that endangers so many pets each year. In our office, we make sure every pet is protected against parasites, large and small, by giving medication to prevent these insects from endangering your pet's health.

Looking for a Quality Veterinarian near Watertown, CT? Contact Us Today!

Pet wellness examinations are the key to making sure your dog or cat lives a happy and healthy life. Our local veterinarians are happy to speak with you about any health concerns you may have, as well as giving your pet a complete checkup. If your dog or cat is overdue for an exam, contact our office today at 860-274-2212 for an appointment.

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