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Posted on 10-12-2017

The Importance of Using a Pet Microchip to Safeguard Your Animal Companion

Think about how often your beloved animal companion ventures outside, such as to go for a walk or to play in the yard, and then consider how easy it is for pets to get lost even in a familiar location like your neighborhood. Many pet owners give their animal a collar with an ID tag listing an address and phone number to ensure a return in case of it going missing. But where will your pet wind up if the collar breaks or is torn off? This is why so many individuals want a pet microchip since it can help reunite a lost animal with its worried family.

Dog with a nap sack is lost in Watertown.

Veterinarians at Our Animal Hospital Are Standing By to Microchip Your Pet

If you’re in search of veterinarians near Watertown, CT at an animal hospital for pet microchipping capability, you’ve come to the right place! At Watertown Animal Hospital, our veterinarians provide the same level of pet care to each animal that enters our facility as we would give to our very own pets. 

A microchip should be implanted in a professional veterinary setting where it is routinely offered as part of standard pet care services. 

You should know that the microchip is strong but tiny, protected inside a glass cylinder that is about the same size as a rice grain. Each pet microchip includes a unique ID that is listed in a database and is associated with the owner’s contact information. All you have to do is fill out the registration form and the chip will be matched with your animal companion.

After the veterinarian inserts the microchip under your pet’s skin (between the shoulder blades), it can be easily read by a scanner. So if someone locates your lost animal, a quick scan will retrieve your record in the pet microchip central database.

Another benefit of the microchip is that when you move to a new home, it’s simply a matter of updating your record in the database to reflect your new location. That’s easier than ordering a new pet tag, which you know could always get torn off of the collar of a missing animal.

Set an Appointment for Pet Microchip Service at Our Animal Hospital Today

Our veterinary professionals are always saddened to hear about lost pets that weren’t microchipped. After all, microchipping pets is a safe and convenient procedure that improves the chances of pets being reunited with their families. 

If you have any questions about microchipping or would like to make an appointment for implanting a pet microchip with one of our veterinarians near Watertown, CT, please contact Watertown Animal Hospital today.

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