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Posted on 07-20-2017

Reasons to Vaccinate Your Dogs & Cats in Watertown, CT  

Pet vaccines are a crucial part of our wellness care at Watertown Animal Hospital because they seriously minimize health risks for dogs and cats. If your dog or cat is currently unvaccinated, find out why it’s so important to make an appointment and get them back on track with a round of core vaccines.

Kitten getting their first round of vaccinations in Watertown, CT.

Core pet vaccines prevent diseases that kill pets.

Thanks to the core and non-core pet vaccines for dogs and cats, local veterinarians can protect your pets from diseases that would otherwise threaten their lives. Our core vaccines prevent fatal and life-threatening illnesses, including:

  • Rabies – Always fatal for pets, this neurological disease still affects wild and domestic animals in Connecticut
  • Leptospirosis – Some wildlife carry a harmful bacteria that causes this disease, which may lead to organ failure
  • Distemper – A contagious viral disease with canine and feline forms, distemper is highly contagious and fatal

Non-core vaccines protect pets who leave the house.  

Leaving the home increases your pet’s risk of coming into contact with disease-causing parasites, wildlife, and other pets. Most vets, including our Watertown veterinarian, recommend non-core vaccines such as Lyme disease, Leptospirosis, and Bordetella vaccines for animals who spend time outdoors or in boarding facilities.

Pet vaccines protect human family members too.

Some of the diseases that vaccines prevent, including rabies and Lyme disease, are actually contagious to humans, too. If your pets are vaccinated, they cannot catch a contagious viral agent from wildlife and pass it along to you or your kids.  

Vaccinating your pet is the law.

If your dog or cat doesn’t have an up-to-date rabies vaccine, you’re violating state law. Because rabies is a contagious viral disease that has spread through the state as recently as the 1990’s, Connecticut requires all pet cats and dogs to receive a rabies vaccine.

Day care centers, pet-sitters, and landlords may require pet vaccines.

State laws aren’t the only vaccine rules that may apply to your pet. For example, proof of multiple vaccines may be required if you live in a rental unit, hire dog-walkers or pet-sitters, use dog parks, or drop off your pets at boarding or day care facilities.

Contact Our Local Watertown Veterinary Hospital for More Information Today!

Is your dog or cat behind on their vaccination schedule? Schedule a visit as soon as possible with your veterinarian near Watertown CT. Contact us at 860-274-2212 today to make an appointment at Watertown Animal Hospital

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