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Parasite Prevention In Watertown, CT With Watertown Animal Hospital

Fleas and ticks don't just aggravate cats and dogs with itchy reactions. Many pets suffer from flea allergy dermatitis, which is an allergic reaction to the saliva that fleas leave when they bite. In the worst cases, the lack of blood caused by fleas feasting on your pet can cause anemia, and sometimes even death. Ticks can also harm your dog or cat by transmitting diseases like Lyme disease.

Pets can also bring ticks into your home, which can expose you and your family members to illness because of tick bites. At Watertown Animal Hospital, P.C., we make flea and tick prevention a regular part of every pet wellness examination, preventing the problems of flea and tick infestation before they even start.

dog playing with a ball in the grass

Types of Tick & Flea Treatment

All tick and flea treatment products in this country are regulated by either the FDA or the EPA. Both work to make sure these products are both safe and effective for treating pets. There are three main types of parasite prevention products that we use in our practice. The type of product that's right for your pet depends on its size, breed, age, lifestyle, and many other factors. We offer:

  • Spot-on treatments, which are the most commonly used types. These extremely effective treatments come in monthly doses that you simply drop onto the skin of your pets back. Spot-on treatments prevent fleas and ticks from trying to host on your pet and will kill them if they try.
  • Sprays kill fleas and ticks on contact. They can be an effective addition to other treatments but have been known to have unpleasant side effects for some pets and their owners.
  • Oral medications protect your pet's entire body, which isn't always the case with topical applications. Some protect your dog or cat only from fleas, while others protect only from ticks.
  • Dips are effective treatments for pets that have already been infested. While dips are effective in ridding a pet of parasites, it's important that you treat your home to avoid infestation.

Contact The Watertown Animal Hospital in Watertown, CT

With summer on the way, it's important that you begin treatment now to make sure your pet remains free from parasites through the entire season. Our professional team is ready to treat your pet in our office today. Give us a call at 860-274-2212 to schedule an appointment, and we'll make sure your dog or cat remains parasite free all summer long.