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What is Pet Digital Radiography and How Does It Benefit Your Pet?

Digital radiography is an advanced type of x-ray technology that takes detailed images of your pet's internal structures without using chemicals, darkrooms, radiation or chemicals. In addition to providing veterinarians with a comprehensive scan of an animal's organs, vets can also share these images via computer with specialists and save digital radiography scans for future reference. When your pet receives radiography services, images are viewed instantly on a monitor by your vet. This means you and your vet get results of a digital x-ray much faster than you would get results from traditional x-rays. If pets are seriously ill or injured, the speed at which your vet can evaluate an animal's conditions significantly increases the ability to provide life-saving treatment.

pet digital radiography from our veterinarian in watertown

Advantages of Pet Digital Radiography

Digital scans can detect medical problems affecting an animal's soft tissues, such as the heart, stomach, lungs, and liver while expediting the discovery of tumors, kidney/bladder stones, foreign objects and suspicious masses. By providing images processed by state-of-the-art digital sensors, pet radiography also enhances the accuracy of images by allowing your veterinarian to magnify and crop images for better viewing. Improving density and contrast and modifying focus and alignment are other ways digital radiography supports your pet's health and well-being.

When Does a Veterinarian Recommend Pets Need a Digital Radiography Scan?

An abdominal digital x-ray may be ordered if your vet thinks an animal is suffering from organ disease. Scans of your pet's kidneys, spleen, liver, bladder or reproductive organs can indicate the presence of tumors, masses or infections. If your pet is suffering weight loss, lack of appetite, chronic diarrhea, and vomiting, abdominal radiography is often necessary to develop a correct diagnosis of your pet's condition.

A chest digital x-ray focuses on the lungs and heart. Pets presenting signs of pneumonia or congestive heart failure need to undergo a radiography scan so your vet can see if the fluid is accumulating in an animals' heart and lungs.

Veterinarians also rely on digital radiography to evaluate a pet's oral health. A digital dental x-ray provides clear images of your pet's jawbone, teeth roots, gums and neck area. Dislocated bones, obstructions, and tumors are just some of the problems your vet looks for when scanning your pet's teeth, gums and jaw.

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